Bare It All: The Art of Stripping

A stripper is an exotic dancer who performs provocative routines in public places. The routine involves removing clothing from one’s body. Exotic dancers may perform at venues such as clubs or may be hired for parties, such as birthday, bachelor or otherwise. There is a common misconception that all exotic dancers remove every article of clothing, leaving them naked. This is false and is a personal choice of the exotic dancer. Some may choose to finish their routine nude, while others feel more comfortable ending the performance in their underwear.
The concept of what the Western world knows as an strippers Gold Coast is a relatively new idea. It began in the 1960s, borne out of an era that embraced both the body and the right to be free and popularised into culture. For the latter half of the 20th century, most exotic dancers were female. These females performed to a male audience. In contemporary society, the scene is not purely heterosexual, nor is it a woman’s-only practice. Today, both men and women alike can be, and are, exotic dancers. A range of sexualities can now be catered to and entertained by their preferred gender.
The entertainment of the act itself may often include the use of a pole a prop. Not to confuse this act with pole-dancing, although the two are very similar, a pole is often used to enhance a performance. The exotic dancer’s routine introduces another element: the physicality and strength of the body. Dancing with the pole requires great strength and fitness, particularly for an impressive performance. Although this practice is often degraded in contemporary society, the profession can be manually laboring.
There are no official skills or pre-requisites required when an individual is interested in joining this profession. Some suggestions may include to exercise and eat healthy to ensure that the body is fit and can keep up with the physical demands of the job.

Other places may have more specific requirements, but for this profession many of the skills necessary may depend on the venue in which the exotic dancer is applying for. Being an exotic dancer doesn’t come easy. It take a lot of skill to master the craft, you can check this out to see how they perform.
While some exotic dancers make work for clubs, others are independent workers who are hired for various events. While this may make the work schedule slightly unpredictable, exotic dancers are enabled to make extra money through their performances. Most routine s involve the dancers performing a choreographed piece. This piece is rehearsed. If the members of the audience enjoy the dance, they may tip the exotic dancer. Often these tips mean that the dancer will need to progress to a different dance in order to ensure the audience’s captivity. This is important as exotic dancers make revenue based on their ability to entice an audience.
Once an act frowned upon by many, it has since been accepted into pop culture and which spanned into various other sports which should be just as celebrated.

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