Reignite your Passion

You have been married for a dozen years. Both you and your husband have established a comfortable life together. You have careers most of your acquaintances are envious of, you are secure in your finances, and your children are growing into beautiful well-mannered adolescents. But your sex life is not what is once was. After the birth of your second child, passionate sex has become a fond memory. It seems that your life has fallen into mundane activities.

Here’s your daily planner:

6:00AM – Wake up kids. Prepare breakfast.
6:30 – Have morning coffee. Watch news.
7:00 – Send children off to school. Clean up dining and kitchen
7:30 – Prepare for work
8:30 – Off to Work
9:30 – Staff meeting. Update on projects. Give week’s work instructions.
11:30 – Client call. Luncheon with Mr. Nakamura
2:00PM- Check and respond to emails
3:00 – Review project proposals. Prepare findings and recommendations for next
executive meeting. Ask Emily for schedule.
5:00 – Home.
5:30 – Prepare supper.
7:00 – Dinner
8:00 – Clean up dining and kitchen.
9:00 – Have sex.
10:00 – Lights off

You love your husband, and there is nothing that would change that fact. You just sometimes wish that he’d look at you the way he did on your wedding day, not some discarded and worn out sex toy he sees you today. 

Sex toy?! Eureka, that’s it!
Its still 5:15pm, the kids won’t be home until 6:30pm from soccer practice. You fire up your laptop and on your favorite search engine you type “adult shops.” In a matter of seconds, you’re flooded with website suggestions where to shop and what’s for sale. One by one, you visit the top five sites to look for seductive lingerie. No, you already have those. You need something with a little more umph. Hhhhmmm… what if? You click on the link that says “Leather Shop Brisbane.” Bingo. You feast your eyes on tight black leather corsets, bodice, and skirts. 

Its 5:45pm, you should be starting with dinner already but you need to make a quick stop at another page first for electro stem online site. It caught your attention while looking at the fetish fashion. It was this small ad box that links to a site that sells EES electrodes. Should we? Why not? You quickly filled up the order forms at the both sites, ordering a cute but provocative leather lace-up peplum top and the female electrode trial pack. You quick erased your browsing history, in case the kids ask to use your laptop tonight.

Can’t make dinner anymore. You called up your favorite pizza parlor and ordered pizza, extra-large. Four days later, you come home with two packages waiting. It’s Friday night and the kids will be at their grandparent’s house. What perfect timing! Your husband comes home to find you wearing only the leather corset. “Hi, honey. What’s for dinner?” You smile and replied, “You are. A knockout post for couples who wants to deepen their intimacy and get to know your sexual fantasies. 

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