Lingerie and Erotic clothing

Lingerie refers to underwear which is made to be visually attractive and erotic. The word comes from the French word for linen and in that country the word refers to all underwear, including daily wear. In English usage the term is used to refer to the more exotic items made from fabrics such as lace, satin and silk and designed for intimate wear. Lingerie did not come into being in the form we know it today until well after the advent of the bra in the early 20th century. From a late start it was quickly adopted by women across the world to grow into a 30 billion dollar industry by the early 21st century. Looking for a qaulity sex toys online in Australia? just click the hyperlink provided for details.
Early forms of underwear for women were anything but erotic. Corsets and girdles were used to alter the outward shape of a woman and underpants were large and bulky and fairly unattractive. Underwear was mostly worn only for the sake of modesty and hygiene and it was not considered to be erotic. Even early bras and form fitting underwear were not considered to be visually appealing. In the 1960’s the company Frederick’s of Hollywood began to glamorise lingerie for women with a range of lavish fabrics and sexy styles. Today there is a wide variety of lingerie available in retail outlets as well as in online stores. Click this for more information and for all inquiries.
Although lingerie is associated today with erotic wear, there is no rule that special items cannot be worn everyday to make a woman feel more confident about herself. The important factor is that underwear should be properly fitted, particularly bras. Poorly fitted bras (the ones that you just guess the size of usually) do not give you proper support for delicate breast tissue which can be easily damaged, particularly if you are playing sport. It is worth having a proper bra fitting in a retail store, especially for sportswear and maternity bras, times when your breasts really do need extra help and support.
Even if you prefer to shop in the privacy of your own home, it is a really good idea to have a fitting every year to make sure that you are making the right choices when you shop online. Whether you are shopping for lingerie or erotic clothing such as costumes, think about not only having the items properly fitting but also your choice of fabrics. Modern manufacturing techniques have opened up the market like never before in history and you can choose natural or synthetic materials to suit your sense of style and preferred fabric. Be careful when choosing synthetic materials as they can sometimes not breathe well (particularly if you are going to get warm in what you are wearing – which hopefully you will be in the case of erotic clothing and sexy lingerie). Natural fabrics not only wear well against your skin but they also feel nice and are easy to wash.

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