Why Should You Have A Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette party is like a typical bachelor party but this is for bride to be. It is also known as hen(s) party, hen(s) night or hen(s) do. In ancient days it was a lunch and dinner with females’ friend. But nowadays in terms of gender equality and having fun, both bride and bridegroom enjoy their last night as being single.

The day starts with girl going out to different places. Typically it will be a shopping mall for shopping then they may go for a movie. They enjoy their day in spa.

The real party begins when the night arrives. Almost all of us know in bachelor’s party they hire female strippers to make the night more exciting and hot. Similarly the females hire male strippers to entertain the bride – to – be. They also hand out gifts for the bride. The girls might be mostly sexual to embarrass the bride.

They will also tempt the bride with good looking men. Some females hit the club on Bachelorette party night and enjoy the whole night with strangers. But mostly they will have a exclusive party in a hotel or restaurant. But getting places to accept the party is hard because they might get a bit too much to handle. 

Party will also consist of games asking the bride about her kinks and those of her partners. They might get too out of hand and call the bridegroom to get details and check answers. The Bachelorette party might also involve calling ex boyfriends.

But in all truth, it is the last night when the girl can just think about herself alone. After getting married, though she is independent, she will have to take into consideration the needs and wants of all others in the family. The bride will also understand if she is actually ready to get married to someone. Love can make us do lots of crazy stuff. That’s why you should be sure that marriage is not just a crazy stuff that love influenced us to do. Marriage is lots more than love and passion, it involves commitments.

In hens night; some will go a notch higher and get nude butlers who will serve them drinks and food. In some places, both the bride and the bridegroom will have a party together known as hag party. But, it is not too funny because most of the time letting lose is hard when the person you are going to marry is right next to you. It might also cause troubles when the bride or bridegroom gets angry or jealous. So it is better to have bachelors and bachelorette party separately to make most of the last night of freedom.

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