Massage Tactics You Can Use

There are many different types of massages tactics which you can use on your clients. Some might even require you to put more effort than you normally would. If you are not too sure about which strategies you like to use then you need to ask a professional to assist you. You must first make sure that you are trained about the strategies. Here are some massage tactics which you can focus on using:


The shiatsu is a great way for you to complement your nuru massage. Make sure that you do add some strategies of your own too. Try to release as many knots on the back area as you possibly can. Sometimes you might have to use many fingers to apply pressure on the region. This will help the person to ease any pain he or she might be feeling too.

You can use compression to make sure that the knots do not have any tension in them. You will have to press and then release as slowly as you can. You will first notice an increase of blood but then you will notice that the muscles will loosen up. You must try to work carefully through the tissues. Think about doing some exercises on the butt region too. 


You can even try to use gentle stroke on the different areas of the person’s body. If you are worried about how this must be done then you need to observe a therapist at an outcall massage Tsim Sha Tsui to gain some inspiration on the matter. You can work on the area by tightly placing your fingers in one area so that you can dispel any pressure in the region. Try to focus on making your customers as happy as possible. 


Think about using some friction on the area. You can use various body oils to enhance the overall experience. You can even try to stroke the individual when you are trying to use it. You must not forget to be as gentle as you can. Try to use a kneading strategy on the region. This will enhance the blood flow. It will make the experience a lot more enjoyable nuru massage for you. You must try to focus on doing gentle movements with some level of pressure to make the individual as happy as a clam! Use music which is soothing to the ears as it does aid in relaxation. This will make your job a lot easier for you too.

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